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Integrating Reshift into your Jenkins build system.
Jenkins is a popular CI/CD system for DevOps pipelines and Reshift integrates with Jenkins to help run security checks on every build. Here's how you can integrate Reshift with Jenkins:

Create a job

Once you are logged into your Jenkins account, to set up the Reshift build integration click "new item".

Configure your project

Next, create a name for the item and select the type of project. In this case, "Freestyle project" and then click "OK".
Then, scroll down to the Source Code Management section and paste the Git repository URL and then click "Add".
This screen will popup and you will have to enter your Username and Password (in this case GitHub) and then click "Add". Alternatively, if you want to set up SSH authentication, refer to Jenkins documentation.

Select your build step

Next, scroll down to the Build section and select your build system (in this case Maven) and "Save".
Then you can paste the command snippet from reshift > Project Settings > Configure.

Run the build

Save, and you can click "Build Now" to run the build on your desired project. The report will be updated in Reshift and you can view "Console Output" in Jenkins for the build log.
If you have any more questions, please email us at [email protected]!