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Circle CI

Integrating Reshift into your CircleCI build system.

1. Create a CircleCI Project

If you don't already have a project set up, create a CircleCI Project. From the CircleCI app, click 'add projects', and select your code repository.

2. Create a Context

Go to the project settings
and 'create context'.

3. Create an Environment Variable

After you've created a context, click 'add environment variable' to secure your token.
Give it a name and add your reshift token found in your command.

4. Configure Your CircleCi Job

Add a .circleci/config.yml file to your CircleCI project. Edit the .yml file to include the context name (RESHIFT_SCAN) and environment variable (RESHIFT_TOKEN). See the example below.
version: 2.1
orbs: maven: circleci/[email protected]
workflows: maven_test: jobs:
command: 'compile com.softwaresecured.reshift:maven-plugin:LATEST:analyse com.softwaresecured.reshift:maven-plugin:LATEST:upload -Dreshift.token=$RESHIFT_TOKEN
**example is with Maven for Java. Add commands pertaining to your language and environment.
Commit the changes, and it should automatically kick off a build. The results will be reflected on your Reshift dashboard.
If you have any more questions, please email us at [email protected]!