Scan Your First Project

How to scan your first project and get up and running.

This is a quick guide to walk you through setting up a free Reshift account. This will also cover how to create your first Reshift project and get up and running in 3 easy steps: Connect, Integrate and Fix.

1. Connect

The first step is to signup using either GitHub, Gitlab, or BitBucket.

Once you sign in, you choose your preferences, which starts by choosing the repo you would like to set up. The repos with the badge symbolmean that they have already been set up (i.e. on-boarded) before.

In order to set up a new repo, scroll and choose a repo with the "+" sign and click "Continue".

2. Set the Security Policy

Next you can adjust your desired thresholds for Critical, High, and Moderate where the build will break if any are exceeded.

3. Security Code Review Workflow

You can enable Code Review Workflow which will add the scan findings to pull-requests during the code review process. You may also select "Enable Later" if you would like to proceed and complete it later.

  1. Install the Reshift application into your GitHub account.

  2. Install the Reshift application into your GitHub user or organization.

Note: For GitLab and Bitbucket visit their respective pages.

4. Integrate Your Build System

We currently support Maven, Gradle, and NPM.

Once you choose your build system, you will be presented with a command line. This command line simply downloads the Reshift plugin. During the build process, the plugin scans your code and sends the resulting report to the Reshift server for further analysis.

For more information on how to use Reshift to build your Maven or Gradle projects, visit Scanning Maven Projects Using Reshift or Scanning Gradle Projects Using Reshift.

If you are using a different build system that you would like to see supported, please shoot us an email (

3- Fix: Once you build your project using the command line, the screen will refresh automatically and present you with your results.

If you have any more questions, please email us at!