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Granting Reshift GitHub Organization Access After Signing up

A quick guide to granting organization access to Reshift after the initial sign up process.
During the initial login of Reshift, the user is presented with the log in screen. Upon clicking on the GitHub icon, the user is redirected to GitHub to authenticate with their credentials and grant Reshift the necessary permissions.
The user will be redirected to a page similar to the one listed below, the page lists the permissions requested by the Reshift GitHub application. At the bottom of the confirmation page there is also the option to provide organizational repository access with 3 possible statuses/options
The organization can have a check mark associated with it, in this case the Reshift GitHub application already has rights to access information within the GitHub organization.
If the organization has an ‘x’ beside it with a “Request” button. The user at this point can click on the Request button. The Request button, in turn will send a notification to the administrator(s) of the organization asking to accept access of the Reshift GitHub application.
Finally, if the user is the administrator of an organization, they will be presented with a “Grant” button, allowing them to grant permissions to the Reshift GitHub application in order to access the organizational repositories.
Adding organizational access after granting Reshift access to only the personal account.
If a user went through the above process without granting organizational access, they can still perform this action after the personal authorization grant. The user can navigate back to to grant organizational access manually. Listed below are the steps to grant Reshift access to organizational repositories
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the GitHub landing page at and login with the GitHub Credentials.
  2. 2.
    On the upper right hand is a user settings drop down menu, Navigate to “Settings
3. On the left panel menu, Navigate to “Applications” and select “Authorized OAuth Apps”, which is the 3rd option on the top tab menu.
4. Find the Reshift GitHub application, and select it
5. From there the user is presented with the same set of actions as during the initial login and authorization, this is where the user can grant Reshift access to their organization.
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