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This article focuses on signing up to reshift using GitHub. We are going through the permissions required and what reshift gets access to.

First signup using GitHub, click on the "Connect with GitHub" button and click "Continue"

Next, you will be redirected to GitHub login screen. Provide your credentials and click on "Sign in" 

Once you are signed in, you will be presented with the permissions page. reshift needs access to the following:

  • Read-Only access to Organizations and teams: this is needed to retrieve information related to the organization such as the organizational repositories and teams.
  • Read-Only access to email addresses and profile information: reshift needs this information for core functionality such as sending notifications following each scan.
  • Read-Only access to your repositories, this is only needed to display code relevant to the issues found (reshift does not store any source code).

After clicking on "Authorize Softwaresecured" button, you will be able to continue using reshift. For more information on how to setup your projects, please visit Setting up Your First Project section

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