Clean security report?

You've got a clean report!

A few scenarios when this can happen.

1. You write very secure code, let's help you continue that :)

We find bugs in more than 80% of the projects we scan. You are a secure code ninja, congratulations!
Reshift can help you maintain that by integrating scans in your CI/CD pipeline (Github Actions, Circle CI, and Jenkins are some examples), and setting up your security gates and alerts!

2. You might be explicitly ignoring some files

If you are using our Reshift ignore feature where you can exclude some files/folders from your scan, you may be excluding more than you need to. In that case we encourage you to review your .reshiftignore settings to make sure the patterns you have there are not accidentally excluding code that you want to scan.

3. You might be scanning a language we don't support

You may be scanning an unsupported language. Reshift Quick Scan only supports Javascript projects at the moment.
If these don't apply to you, please contact us for further assistance [email protected].