Team permissions allow you to customize which team members have the authority to perform various tasks such as scanning, suppressing, adding projects, project settings, and managing team members.
The default setting for team permissions.


Project settings permissions will allow for a user to edit the following:
Scan settings: this includes selecting a project token, language, and scan method.
Security Gates & Alerts: this will allow for a user to change the "critical", "high", and "moderate" gate settings.
Update Team Members: this will allow a user to add or remove users, including any billing changes involved with new plans.
Suppress Issue: this will allow a user to suppress any security bug finding. They will still be required to leave a note with the suppression and a username will be tagged.
Scan Project: this will allow a user to integrate project tokens with other CI tools to run security scans.
Add Project: this allows a user to add new projects to Reshift.
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